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Welcome to The Pinch

We are people who believe in embracing the various and delectable flavors that life has to offer and sharing those moments in welcoming and friendly environments with friends and strangers alike.   


And we believe that great food should be accessible to as many as possible — using local ingredients complimented by some of the best seasoning and specialties, at prices that make it realistic to come back for more every day.   


Equal parts cafe, restaurant and bar, our environment slips seamlessly from one welcoming feeling to the next.   Whether to enjoy a delicious brunch plate of fluffy ricotta pancakes at our sharing tables or our kimichi fried grains to eat at our bar, The Pinch will always make you feel welcome.    


Quite simply, we see ourselves as the meeting place of the neighborhood — bountiful, fresh, delectable and comfortable — dependable and there for you — morning, noon and night.  A place you’re crazy not to visit and once you do, you’ll want to come back again and again for one of your favorites or something new and different.     We’ll be here with both and a smile ready to gladly share with you.


We are The Pinch

Gourmet Meal
Goat Cheese & Avocado Tartines (from dor

A gathering point for friends and strangers alike, it defies a simple definition as it encompasses so many different qualities all under one roof

The Pinch is...

  • a Treffpunkt for our neighbors

  • a foodies haven for those who crave something new and different 

  • an urban deli serving freshly sliced meats and cheeses, tasty salads and unique handmade sandwiches

  • a table for informal business lunches where variety of choices and speed of service are key

  • a place to grab a quick meal before a night out or a late dinner after the movies

  • a cozy bar for an evening cocktail and some pinchos with a date

  • a sunny outdoor setting to have a morning cappuccino on our terrace

  • a place for some quiet ‘me time’ over a warm bowl of soup at our window counter

  • a gathering spot for family at our communal tables where every dish is passed around

  • the restaurant with the best and longest weekend brunch in St Gallen…

  • …and the most cosmopolitan menu in the city that people are willing to travel across St.Gallen to enjoy


For any age, The Pinch has something for everyone and all of it promises to be fresh and flavorful.


And no matter which seat you prefer the most, we will be here with friendly and helpful service always aiming to add a touch more happiness to your day.

"Laughter is brightest, where food is best."

Irish Proverb
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